Your Personal Information - Secure & Confidential

How Your Information is Collected

During the registration process you may be asked to provide: name, license number, address, email, phone number, date of birth, social security number, and billing information. We collect personal information that is required by the different state Alcoholic Beverage Commissions, as well as required billing information and your contact information.

This information is only made available to limited employees at Diversys Learning Inc. Your information will never be made available to any other organization, without your consent. This information will not be packaged or sold to any 3rd party entity without your permission.

What Your Personal Information is Used For

Your information is used for required state reporting. This information is stored on certain state ABC databases. Your information will remain confidential and only used by Diversys Learning Inc. as required for billing purposes and training regulations.

In some situations, Diversys Learning Inc. may be required to disclose information for law enforcement, regulation, fraud prevention, or if Diversys Learning Inc. believes this disclosure necessary to protect Diversys Learning Inc. or its customers.

How We Protect Your Personal Information

Diversys Learning Inc. utilizes a GeoTrust SSL certificate enabling up to 256-bit SSL encryption, which is the latest in SSL encryption technology, to ensure your data is secure. 256-bit SSL certificates are among the strongest SSL certificates available. In addition to providing the most secure SSL certificate, our systems undergo routine vulnerability, penetration and security audits by three 3rd party vendors to ensure your data is safe from identity theft and credit card fraud.

Who Has Access To Your Personal Information?

Your personal information is accessible only to a limited number of employees in charge of seller server training support and uploading student information to the state databases.

How We Dispose of Personal Information

In the event electronic data must be disposed, Diversys Learning Inc. protects the confidentiality of its customers by rendering the media unrecoverable by physically destroying the electronic media. This process is performed by a 3rd party who is in compliance with numerous government security regulations. All paper media with customer information is destroyed on-site with a high security shredder.

For more information about Diversys Learning Inc.'s privacy policies, please contact us at