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National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (National Registry) is an American National Standards Institute/Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP) accredited certification program that produces and administers the Food Safety Manager Certification Examination (FSMCE). National Registry’s certification program has been developed to assess the knowledge of entry-level Food Safety Managers in the retail food industry.

National Registry offers the Certified Food Safety Manager program worldwide, enabling competent individuals to demonstrate that their knowledge and skills meet specific, measurable food safety management competencies. In doing so, the National Registry advances its mission of promoting food safety and consumer protection.

This training course will prepare you to properly and effectively administer and or proctor the official Food Safety Manager Certification Examination (FSMCE). To begin, click the Enroll Now button.

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If you are trying to become a new NRFSP proctor, you will need to complete the Administrator Application.

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NRFSP will contact you directly with your credentials for proctoring exams within 5-7 business days.

You can contact NRFSP directly with any questions at 1-800-446-0257.