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Happy Children, 2 Homes: For Divorced and Separating Parents

You Can End Your Painful Conflicts to Successfully Co-Parent Between 2 Homes... Here's How

The marriage or relationship may be over, but the unfinished business of raising the children still exists. The Texas Cooperative Parenting Course equips parents with problem-solving skills to stop conflict and positively co-parent between 2 homes. Parents can learn to end conflict following a divorce or separation, even if they did not get along as husband and wife. Everyone will benefit when there is less conflict at home.

Since 1998, the Domestic Relations Office of Travis County through its Cooperative Parenting Program has helped thousands of parents throughout Texas learn ways to share parenting responsibilities and raise happier kids. This same successful curriculum is now available online.


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Who Should Enroll:

  • Divorcing parents required to complete a Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course
  • Parents (separated, divorced, or never-married) experiencing conflict regarding access, visitation, and custody of children
  • Anyone seeking to help children following a family break-up
  • Anyone seeking to learn what healthy parenting looks like
  • Those parents who need flexibility in course scheduling due to work/time/location constraints